Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ice Hockey

Last weekend I met a group of friends to go downtown for my first ice hockey game.
We went to see the Houston Aeros take on the team from Oklahoma City. I liked the actual hockey part, but did NOT like the fighting. I don't mind the "checking" against the glass, but there were several instances where gloves were thrown down and it was an old fashioned fist fight. The refs just stood there while the crowd jumped to its feet shouting "Fight! Fight!" I don't think I was the only one in our group who wasn't too happy about it. People were using smart phones to find out some info. I guess where "real" hockey is played, in the northeast US, Canada, and Europe, they don't put up with it. Google also told us that many "not for real" teams recruit fighters instead of hockey players to promote the fighting. Ridiculous! I was particularly disturbed because we were there because Kim's school choir was singing at it. Several other schools were there too. The kids were in on the "fight" shouting which really disturbed me. Am I the only one?
It was still a fun night with fun people, though.
Needless to say, hockey probably won't be on my list of things to do in the Houston area anymore!


Wendy Sue said...

I've heard that even at it's best hockey is a rough sport ... lots of knocked out teeth and black eyes!

Susannah said...

I've only been to one hockey game and there was no fighting. I was a little disappointed because I'd heard lots about the fights. Guess I wasn't missing much!

Alona said...

The fights just looked staged and ridiculous. I know it's a very physical sport, but this was RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

Kristen said...

I enjoy going to hockey games. I do not like it when they fight, but there are a lot of people that like to see that. We went to five hockey games this season and there were three games where they did not fight. They were better games than those where they had fights. Don't give up on hockey just yet.

lance said...

I've been to one Areos game because I got free tickets. There was one fight. But the game itself was absolutely boring. The coach, himself, said it was the boringest game he had ever seen.