Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I really enjoyed my time in Moscow with Adam, Susannah, and Evie!
Not long after we got back from Lake Powell, Susannah and I babysat her friend April's little baby. When April got back, she taught us how to knit these little baby ballet slippers.
She had found the pattern and adjusted it a little bit and they turned out so cute. This is mine almost done.
Here are the knitters. Mine didn't turn out quite as cute as April's. I console myself with that being only the second knitting project I've ever done!
My parents came later that day. My dad had work meetings in Moscow for a few days. We were watching a movie here. Evie had been watching intently, but when the camera beeped she looked over.
We also went out to a cute park for a BBQ one night. Something we ate there really ended up bothering us girls. I got sick the next day, Susannah was sick the day after me, and my mom caught it after that. We each had it only for about 24 hours, but it was not fun!
Here's cute little Evie enjoying the weather and her Grandma Bushman.
When we got home that night, there was an impressive sunset. Sorry, you might be able to see the screen on the window. If you look closely, you can see a rainbow in the middle of the picture.

I think this was the same night, but we were saying a family prayer before they put Evie to bed and we heard this loud lip smacking. Most of us didn't find out until after the prayer that it was Evie. I got it a few times on video. Sorry it's so dark.
I loved watching Evie in her jumper. She loves that thing. I was watching her and noticed it got really quiet all of a sudden. This is what I saw. So cute!
On Saturday, we went yard sale-ing. I got this cute one of Evie and Adam at one of the sales.
We then drove out to this nature preserve that's about 30 minutes out of Moscow. The drive was so pretty and this picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice.
We went on a little hike. Susannah got this backpack/carrier for her baby shower and this was the maiden voyage. She wore it for the first little bit . . .
then I nabbed it to start practicing for my Havasupai trip in a few weeks.
She fell asleep. I'm not sure how - it can't have been a very smooth ride!
Susannah tried some more baby food with Evie and we were a little more successful with carrots than with the blended veggies.
I sure love that little girl! :) Thanks, Warrs, for letting me hang out with you!

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Katherine said...

Great pics Alona! I really love that one of the sunset. Evie is super cute too. :)