Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quilting with Kiek

The past couple of months I've been doing some quilting with one of the clients of The Chappell Group.
She's so good and has made some amazing quilts!  Here she's showing some of the fabrics she's gotten recently.
She sews everything by hand which is very different for me.  She's very precise and detail oriented which I like.
I'm making an "I-Spy" quilt.  There are lots of dark ones around the outside and it gradually gets lighter as it goes in.
I was trying to set some things out to see how many more I need to cut.  A lot, I suppose.  I'm doing sort of a tropical theme!
I've had Collette come with me the last few times and now she's hooked.  Kiek is a great lady and we both really enjoy being around her.  Collette is making a beautiful sampler quilt - also by hand.
Kiek has an amazing sewing room with this awesome shelving unit to hold her fabrics and threads along with some tins she collects.
She's got everything color coded which makes me like her even more!  I hope I can get this quilt done! 

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adam warr said...

That is really organized. I'm sure you were in heaven!