Sunday, November 18, 2012


On Wednesday nights I work at the temple and usually stay at Katherine's house afterward so I don't have to drive all the way home and all the way back the next day for work.  I park in the street in front of her house where her roommates park and we've never had a problem.  
Thursday morning when I went out to get in my car and head to work, I was shocked to see this sight!
My windshield was almost completely shattered and had a huge hole in it!  Nothing had been taken from inside and there were no foreign objects inside minus a bunch of glass.
This is the view from the inside.  I was thinking that someone took a bat or crow bar to the windshield.
Side view with some of the little shards that were all over the dash board.
It's kind of pretty in this picture . .  .
As I was driving (carefully) away I saw this brick on the road and figured that this was the culprit.  I figured it was thrown from a car, that it shattered my window then bounced off into the road.  That made sense until I got a  text from Katherine with the picture below.
Katherine's roommate had this sort of stamp on her window.  Nothing was broken so we're not sure if it just bounced off.  I talked to Katherine today, though, and she found a cinderblock in the ditch in front of her house, so it looks like my windshield was broken by something even bigger.  Today I also found a little dent and scratch on the hood where it looks like the cinderblock bounced off before heading to the ground.  I'm just glad that it didn't get inside the car and damage anything in there.  I was able to get in to a repair shop that morning and get my windshield replaced.


Kristal said...

What the freak!? Punks! You want me to come find them and beat em up?! I WILL!!!!!

Wendy Sue said...

Yay for Kristal!! Boo for dumb, destructive people!

Susannah said...

I second both previous comments!