Monday, April 8, 2013

Countdown Blocks

I'm in charge of a craft at our upcoming Relief Society "Thuper Thursday" activity.  I chose to do some countdown blocks.  Well, a lot of people signed up so I had to get busy on getting them prepped.  
I had bought some wood and given it to my friend Tara's husband Pete to cut, but the more orders came in so Robert picked up more wood for me.  We cut it after the camping trip and Easter picnic mentioned in the post below.
We accidentally clogged that little guy up.  The third board really seemed to have more sawdust that then others!  It was my job to use Robert's electric sander to smooth them all out - no easy feat, but I escaped unscathed,
Saturday while watching conference, I started painting the wood for the activity.
This shows more of the scope of what I did.  I painted from 11 am to 8 pm!!!!  
But look how cute they're all going to turn out!  I don't think I can put these away until their respective seasons! :)

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Wendy Sue said...

Those are super cute!