Monday, April 8, 2013


I have to brag about one of my amazing friends.  Katherine is SUPER tough and sporty.  She decided to stretch herself and try a 1/2 Ironman.
I was at her house the other day and she asked for my assistance in helping her try on and decide between two wet suits.  Well, I did more than help.  Like any good friend, I pulled out the camera for these shenanigans!  This was choice #1.  It was really hard to get on.  
Choice number 2 was worse, but was SUPER hard to get OFF!  Even at this point when it should be easy, it still took another few minutes!!!!  She picked #1, I believe!
This is a pic she posted after finishing the race just yesterday.  A half Ironman is a half marathan, 1.2 miles of swimming, and 56 miles on a bike.  Yikes!!!!!  Way to go Katherine for maneuvering your way through over 70 miles of awesomeness! 


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That woman is amazing! I rode my bike 5 miles the other day...and I was really tired!