Sunday, April 7, 2013

Joseph City Trip

I decided to take Robert back to my hometown - Joseph City, AZ for Founder's Day.
I left from work  and met him in Georgetown.  We switched into his car and headed to San Angelo where we stayed with my Dad's old secretary - Carolyn McMunn.
She made us some delicious stuffed French toast for breakfast!!!!
We sure loved visiting with her and her husband, Mac.
I took Robert by my parents' old house.
I didn't take all that many pictures in Joseph City!  Ross did let us look at the old house.
These are some blossoms on the tree in the backyard.
I got lots of these pictures of our hand prints in the cement
The whole family.

This warms my little heart! :)
I had to take Robert by Jackrabbit, of course!
He got this to show his son since it's like the sign in Cars.
I had to do my token picture!
Robert hadn't seen a tumbleweed OR been to AZ before this trip, so I had to document one for him.
Now when I said I didn't take a lot of pictures on the trip, Kristal sure did.  She was kind enough to take some engagement pictures for us.
Here are just a few to give you a sample.

Just previous to our photo shoot, we had played in a volleyball tournament and I had majorly jammed my ring finger.  My ring wouldn't even fit on my finger so in lots of the pictures, you can see my ring on my middle finger.  It was a super fun trip!  We stayed with my Aunt Karen in Joseph City and My Uncle Blaine and Aunt Margene in Midland on the way back.  They are now on their mission in Wyoming at the Martin Handcart sight! :)


Wendy Sue said...

Fun trip, I would have loved to see all those things in person!

Susannah said...

This made me homesick all over again!