Monday, September 3, 2007

Six Flags

Holiday weekends are the best. We decided we hadn't partied enough this summer so a group of us headed to Six Flags in Dallas (the original Six Flags for those of you who didn't know that).

We left Friday evening after school and drove to a motel right near the park. Susannah, Jen, and I are in this picture. Staci Mullin was also with us. I think she ended up taking this picture. The guys were in the next room.

Here's the group just outside the gate. L-R: Staci, Ryan, Susannah, Jen, Adam, me (not looking), and Mark.

Another pose inside the park.

I bought this picture of several of us riding the Titan. It was one of our favorite coasters there. We had figured out where the cameras were on this ride if you couldn't tell. The guy in the top left corner didn't come with us, but he's enjoying the ride.

By the end of the day, we were pretty tired. We tried to fit 3 of us in the seat on the parachute ride. We could only go about 5 feet in the air so one of us had to get off. We came home Saturday night. It was a fun trip!

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