Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

On Easter Sunday, my Aunt Maylene and Uncle Darrell were kind enough to feed us a delicious dinner along with our cousin Eric, his wife and kiddos, and several of our friends! They're so sweet! I love this picture of Eric and Wendy's cute kids in their bunny ears!
When Bushman babies are born, one of the first orders of business is to check for "Turley fingers." Brandt is a lucky recipient of the distinctive gene! I couldn't get a very clear picture. He wasn't too excited about me taking pictures of his hands.
Eric, Brandt's dad, has some definite Turley characteristics, taking after his dad and a couple of uncles. I love it! I think I posted some of my dad, uncles, and my cousin Stephanie's baby at a wedding reception last year. They've all got some fantastic Turley fingers.
Here are the Bushman relatives in attendance. It's always a good time!
We also had to get a YSA picture for those where in attendance. We were happy to have Lala, Kim, and Adam join us for Easter dinner too! Another big thanks to the Call family for feeding us all!


Hansen Family said...

Looks like everyone had a fun Easter there! Wish we could have been there too!!!

mom said...

It looked like a fun day although I had to laugh because it sounded like Eric and his family were part of the actual meal. I love you guys!!

Bushmwc said...

Funny, thanks for exploiting my baby's hands! : )We loved getting together with you. Tell Adam I am really not as obnoxious as I seemed, I just happened to read the comments a few days before we got together. You know, you read about someone on a blog and you think you know them . . . :) W.

123checkoutthefamily said...

I love the canoing trip. It looks like so much fun! Oh the fun things ya'll do! Have you played any v-ball lately? Remember to give us a call-we'd love to play.

kristal said...

Ok, just because he's probably giving one of both of you action, I really think WE should have been invited for Easter over Adam!

And I LOVE those girl's easter dresses. It's the same as Kam's tea party dress for her birthday last year. When arey ou coming to Az again?