Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let them have their cake . . .

Yesterday our ward Relief Society had it's enrichment meeting - a birthday celebration for the Relief Society program. For it, we received instruction on cake decorating.
Here's our fun table working on our cakes.
This picture is of the cakes Susannah and I made. She did the butterfly and I did the stars. They were going to throw away the extra cakes so we got them and decided to be productive with them.
We stopped by the bike shop to bring Adam a cake at work.
Abraham was next on the list at Sprint.
I came home and made 2 layer cakes out of the 4 little cakes Cara gave us. I thought they turned out pretty cute! We cut and ate one of them last night when people came over. The other we'll probably give to one of the girls we visit teach.


Kristal said...

cake is like an angel

okbushmans said...

I love them! Not just appetizing but asthetically pleasing!

Dustin said...

What a great idea for enrichment! We are having ours on Thursday. Your cakes look delicious!!

Dustin said...
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