Sunday, March 16, 2008


Monarch Butterflies are a common sight in Texas during the spring. They fly through Texas on their way to Mexico.
I really liked this picture I found on the Internet.
The other day, the room mom for our class brought in some of the milkweed plants from her garden at home. Apparently Monarchs only lay their eggs on milkweed because they're bitter, making the larva that feed on them bitter as well. That keeps them from being eaten by predators. If you look at the picture above, you can see an egg on the leaf of the milkweed plant.
She also brought in several larva. She let us all hold them which was pretty cool. The kids were so excited!
This one's in my hand. It left me an unsavory little morsel. I'm pretty sure they did not enjoy all of the commotion in my classroom.


valerie said...

I bet your kids loved this! What a good room mother you have! Jackson's first grade class raised some butterflies, and he talks about them ALL the time.

Aaron N Beki said...

Hey Alona!
I just scrolled down till I could find a place to leave a comment so I hope you get this! Yeah Aaron has talked about you guys a lot I know who you are. our email is or prob even better to reach Aaron before too long ( he doesn't check email too often) our new box is p.o. box 681 joseph city az 86032. Cute blog by the way good to hear from ya. take care.