Monday, March 24, 2008

Village Creek

On Good Friday and the Saturday after, I went on a canoing trip with a group of about 40 people. It was loads of fun.
The first order of business was to have Susannah braid my hair so I wouldn't have to worry about it on the trip. She did a great job. This picture was taken after the trip, so it had gone through a few days and two nights' sleeps! Susannah is the best!
This picture is of the group of us from the Houston area that went. The rest of the people were from Texas A&M. We heard a whole lot of "whoop"ing going on. It was a good time, though. We shoved off near Kountze, TX
There were two to a canoe. Kim and I were rowing buddies.
Here's some of our group as we're heading down the river.
The first day was the longest and had the most obstacles. We had to go under several fallen trees, laying down in our canoes to clear it. This particular one, we had to go over. It was a skinny log that was partially submerged. Luckily Katherine (AKA Superwoman) helped us over by pulling our canoe diagonally across the log. I think we went about 12 miles the first day.
We found a sandbar and pulled over to camp for the night. We fit a lot of people and a lot of canoes on that sandbar!
Jen was in charge of dinner. We helped her as best we could. She burned her hand on some boiling water!
Here's a shot of some of the yummy spaghetti and meatballs we had. It was so good!
Here's the whole Houston crew again on the second day. Despite some sunburns, sore muscles, and lack of toilets, it was a fantastic trip.

This is a video we shot just an hour or two before we finished the 19-20 mile course. We stopped at another sandbar just before lunch to go for a dip. Fun times.

I had to close out with this shot. Susannah and Jen helped me take out the multitude of braids. I was actually contemplating wearing my hair like this to church until I caught a big whiff of campfire odor and decided my hair was due for a good wash!

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valerie said...

Love your hair no matter how you do it! The braids are so fun!