Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Update

Well, we've survived! The power's out, but we're fine and so's my house, thankfully! The Calls were kind enough to share their generator and Shanna let me use her computer so I could do a post! Thanks a bunch!

This is a before shot I took of my house on Friday night. Luckily there was not any damage to my house so I don't need to post an after. The trees in the front flower bed are leaning forward, but they're fine! We went on a walk on Friday and we walked over this Bayou. I took a before picture. This is one we took a few hours ago of the same Bayou.
Many of the houses were boarded up. We didn't do that, but we did secure our important stuff, take things off the wall and tape our windows.
As it was getting later on Friday night, we could see the storm rolling in. It was incredible and the clouds were moving so fast!

This video I took shows how fast the clouds were moving before the storm hit.

This started out as a cloud shot, but ended with a hilarious thing with Susannah. Enjoy!

The wind really picked up. We took this shot of Susannah's hair blowing in the wind.
We took this of ourselves in front of the house, but it didn't really show up.
Our neighbor took this windblown shot for us.
The hurricane winds hit later that night - close to midnight, which is when our power went out. The winds and rain was so loud! I didn't really sleep at all. Susannah and I got up at 4:00 to check everything and it was all good. It was not too long after that that the eye went over us and we finally got some sleep (maybe 2-3 hours). This shot was taken in the morning. Susannah's taken lots of video.

I took this one out our front window this morning. It was before the hurricane was over. I couldn't get a really big gust on here, but this gives you an idea.

We decided to see what it felt like outside after the major winds had died down. We were just in the outer bands. Of course we had to have some fun with our poses. It was still pretty windy out there.
This is my yee-haw pose.
I was trying click my heels, but it didn't really work out. This one cracks me up because it looks like she's being pulled back by some unknown force.
This one reminds us of Adam's marionette pose when we went cliff jumping a couple of summers ago.
Abraham came over this morning and took us out for a little sight seeing of the damage. Our area is pretty new so there are a lot fewer trees. We had hardly any damage. The most common things we saw were fences down and some branches missing. This is right by the entrance of our subdivision.
This is a sports bar/grill called Mulligans just a mile or so from our house. It's roof was completely taken off on one side and collapsed in the front! It was crazy.
These guys had some crazy stuff down in their yard!
This was the only tree we actually saw that had fallen on someone's house. Most had fallen into the road or people's yards.
We saw this sign on the board someone had used to protect their windows. I thought it was pretty clever.
This tree was down in the yard of someone who lives near the Calls.


mom said...

Glad you're ok. I didn't have the wind to keep me awake, just my worry gene. Hope we all get a good night's sleep tonight!!

Idaho Bushmans said...

Glad you two are good. Stay safe. Love your blog

crack'n up ourselves said...

Our prayers were answered!

nava_jo said...

Oh goodness, I am so glad you all are doing alright. Looks like your spirits were kept up while, the ordeal. :) Love the video's thanks!

kristal said...

Susannah's "party going on right now" video is awesome! And your yehaw pose, awesomer, and the fact that you guys are alive (thanks to my children's many poses), awesomest! I think we deserve a visit. We miss you guys A LOT!!!!! COME SEE US!!!! Come spend Christmas with the Mulder's, it's better than Christmas with anyoen else!

Jessica said...

So glad you and your house are ok! Love the pics and videos!

okbushmans said...

I am so glad you and your house are safe! You'll have to keep us updated! Crazy stuff.

Dustin said...

So glad you guys and your house are ok! I love the sign on that house!