Friday, September 12, 2008


Our ward recently had an endowment temple trip. The Chappells, being as generous as they are, wanted to take us all our for frozen yogurt at TCBY afterward. Much to our disappointment, the dining room was already closed, but the drive through was open.
The Chappells walked to the window to see if we could order that way. There were too many of us to be in one car.
They said it was okay so people crowded at the window to see what they wanted . . .
Then we all walked around and ordered at the window. I thought it was pretty funny!
I had Katherine, Kim, Lesley, and Leah pretend to be in a car so it would be a more realistic "drive through" experience.


Jennifer said...

So Sad I had to miss it. Darn School

Teresa said...

That is so funny. It's awesome they let you. Here most drive thrus have signs saying you can't so great pictures.