Friday, September 26, 2008

ADA Brad Means-duh duh (that's the Law & Order sound)

Since Susannah and I didn't have to go to school again this week, we decided to take a little field trip on Thursday.
We headed downtown to the criminal law building for Harris County to visit our friend, Brad. He was recently hired by the District Attorney's office.
He met us down after security and took us on a little tour. This is the courtroom he's assigned to. It obviously wasn't in use so I made him pose for some pictures. The is where the DA sits. The jury box is just to the left. I accidentally cut it out.
I had to take one from another angle. Brad was munching on the no-bake cookies we brought him. By the time we got to him, they were mostly crumbs. :(
He got permission from the bailiff earlier to take us back to the holding area where they keep prisoners. It was pretty cool. I tried to look guilty as I pretend to be shackled to the bench.
This is Brad's office. I have to thank him for humoring me by letting me take all these pictures.
He does owe me, though, since my picture taking fascination once got him, me, and our friend Whitney out of some parking tickets. Those guys vowed they wouldn't tease me about taking pictures after that! :)
This is just outside his building. I liked this shot because it shows all the boarded up windows from Hurricane Ike. If you look at the slide show a couple of posts down, you'll see this same building with the windows blown out. We went out to lunch and had a great time! Thanks for the fun, Brad!
The only sad part of the trip was when I accidentally rolled Susannah's fingers up in my window! Sorry!!!!!


Tyler Bushman said...

Man your sister is sooo corny. Trying to act all crunk in her pictures...

nava_jo said...

Yea, Susannah should thank you for making her fingers, permanently Krunk. Seriously, She is luck to have you!

kristal said...

yea, I agree, get over is susannah, get a freaking life!

Haha! Um, Alona, that was really mean. I hope you made her some cookies (with some extras sent to PO BOX 502 JC AZ).
And uh, you could never look guilty, not even nice try. You look like you're getting ready to teach a primary lesson or something. Sheesh. More slouch and a little worry in the eyebrows. Try again.