Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wii Fun

We, especially Susannah, enjoy playing the Wii.
She tends to get a little obsessed with playing it and "leveling up" or unlocking new things in the games. We got our brother the Wii Music game and we (along with my mother) have had more fun playing it than he has! Here's Susannah doing some clapping.
Here she is on the piano. It really is quite a fun game if anyone is looking for Wii game recommendations.


Idaho Bushmans said...

The Wii is the best. you should try wii fit.

Anonymous said...

looks like she's having a seizure.

Jennifer said...

Wii is the best. She does look like she's having a seizure. My dad got wii fit for christmas. It's hilarious to watch my parents play it. We should have invented the wii so we could quite working.

Steven said...

Wii Music looks like so much fun -my cousins were showing me some of the "instruments". I think my favorite was the Kung Fu sounds.

Anonymous said...

I just have some playlist recommendations. 1)"my patch" . . . that song needs to go. It could be the most annoying song ever. If you get rid of it, I'll recommend a new song that you'll like even better--i guarantee it!!!