Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bushman Fun

Today was a fun "Bushman" day. I went to Sacrament Meeting with the Humble Ward this morning because my cousin Dannen was blessing his youngest daughter, Bailey.
Later on today after church, they also had a birthday party for their oldest, Kyla, who turned 2 today. The first item of business was a pinata. All the little kids took some swings before the bigger kids got involved. Kyla had the first swing, but helped her dad with the rope after that.
Here's Mark with Kate taking her turn. I love Dannen's face in the background.
Here's the cute Washburn family. Daciana's pregnant and is still planning on running a half marathon in Utah in June! What a trooper!
After the pinata was dismembered the kids were wearing parts of it like hats. I was more amused when the guys started doing it too.
Here's Anthony trying on his lovely hat!
Kyla got her candles out in one blow. No boyfriends, whew!
Random candid of some great people!
Kyla's trying out the new little bubble maker I gave her for her birthday. She got a lot of clothes and a lot of bubble stuff. Glad she likes those things!
Here I am holding Bailey. Dannen wanted to try out my camera since they're thinking of getting one. I wish I would have taken one of her in her blessing dress. She looked so cute, but I was really loving this little mumu that the Hargroves had brought back from Hawaii for her.
Here's the group of "Bushmans" that were present. It's always a fun time! Love you guys!


adam warr said...

That looks like a lot of fun. wish I could have been there. I didn't know Daciana was pregnant. Congrats!

adam warr said...

(Um...that last comment was really me, Susannah!)

Wendy Sue said...

Bushman parties are fun...wish we could have been there for it. Supercross looks fun to watch, too!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

I love the name Bailey.

crack'n up ourselves said...

The wearing of the party supplies on the head is so BUSHMAN!