Sunday, April 11, 2010


Saturday night was a fun one.
Collette was actually at my house Friday night. We had the TV on and saw that Supercross was in Houston on Saturday so we decided to go. We just showed up at the Reliant Stadium to get tickets the day of. Someone saw us and gave us 2 free tickets . . . CLOSE. This picture above was not zoomed in. We were on the first level.
It was just Collette, her cute cousin Marlies, and me. We had a great time. Since there were three of us and we were just given 2 tickets, we just purchased one and all sat down at the good seats. The event wasn't even close to sold out so there was space available.
Besides all the cool tricks from the motorcycles, they had some other fancy stuff going on. They had fireworks and some flame throwers! We could feel the heat!

They got SO high on this jump right in front of us. The first few times I saw them do it, I couldn't help but gasp.
Here's some actual video of them jumping at that spot. It was amazing and they were so fast! If you watch the bottom right hand corner at about 12 or 13 seconds into the video, you can see one guy wreck. . . if you like that sort of thing! :)
Marlies took this one of Collette and I on Collette's phone. Too mad it looks like I'm wearing a shade over my eyes! :)
I got his one of people coming across the finish line. There was a big jump there too. I kept worrying that they were going to hit their heads, but they never did!
While they were getting ready to have the finals in the races, they had these stunt guys come out and do some jumps. It was awesome. I have a few others videos after this of the same thing. It was all just so cool!
I sure enjoyed the show! I'm glad Collette's been around to introduce me to the monster truck thing as well as this. I've enjoyed both of them quite a lot!

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that was awesome!