Sunday, April 25, 2010

School Fun

I've had a few funny things at school as of late that I thought I'd better post about.
I often have "lunch bunch" with my students who save up 20 good behavior tickets. They get to bring a friend. I try to work it out so there are a few kids in the group. Since the weather's been so nice, we've been eating our lunches out in the atrium of the school. There's a swing out there that the kids love to play on after they're done eating.
This little game cracked me up. They kept switching positions and taking turns. It totally cracked me up that they were singing Little Bunny FooFoo (sp?).
Our first grade team donated an ice cream party to our PTA's fundraiser carnival's silent auction. We paid up this last week. Here are some of the kids whose parents won the bid along with a friend they each got to invite.
3 kids from my class got to attend. Abbey's mom won the bid and she invited Jordan. Jacob got invited by his cousin who's in another class.
After the ice cream, we took them out to play on the playground. We ended up playing red rover. Besides several of the kids getting clotheslined, it was a lot of fun. This is right at the end of the game. These two didn't stand a chance.
Believe it or not, this little one was the toughest competitor. She would growl the whole time she was running for their hands. She knocked down 2 teachers, on 2 separate occasions. We nicknamed her BC - Bulldozer Cooper.
We have a little turtle out in our atrium that 's been pretty elusive. One of our custodians found it and brought it around to show some of the teachers after school.
Thank goodness for Debbie who not only keeps our school clean, but takes care of the animal residents around the school.


Jessica said...

thats so funny, my mom used to always sing that little bunny foo foo song to us!

Alona said...

I remember my mom singing that too. I thought it was quite funny that that's the song they chose to sing for the their little swing game! :)

Susannah said...

Cute!! I recognize them! This is the last year that will happen. Sad. Tell Debbie hello for me!