Sunday, April 4, 2010

A few random things

Happy Easter, everyone!
This is a favorite of mine from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. I'm pretty sure I posted this last year, but it's just that good!
We also have a great thing coming up! Our ward just got a new building. We've been meeting there since the beginning of March. There's an open house and everyone's invited!
Lastly today, I had a fun little bowling night the other night with Katherine. She had a coupon that needed to be used, so we met after the temple on Wednesday. I still think it's so cool that she has a motorcycle!


deej said...

How are you doing down south? I always so enjoy your blog! Loved conference! Give us that little extra we need to make it another 6 months huh? Take care and hope we get to see you one of these soon days!

Wendy Sue said...

Hooray!! The weekend of the church open house is when we're planning on coming. When's the dedication?