Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

On Saturday morning my parents had a garage sale to prepare for their move coming up next month.
I wanted to get a picture of the yard sale and my mom wanted to hand something to me. I told her to just wait until after the picture so she could be in it, but she had other plans. She was trying to hand it to me super quick. The result was this picture which I love.
She then did this little pose for me.
Later when the yard sale was almost over I was inside and The Giant got ahold of my camera and I'm posting only two of the results.
You can see his fancy beard in this one!
I got to shoot his crossbow. I think he was impressed that I hit the target I was aiming for. I was actually impressed too. I got this video of him shooting it. We were lucky because my Uncle Art and Aunt Gene came for a visit that same weekend.
My mom and I had to leave them with the boys that evening, though, so we could go to a musical production of Camelot. It really made me want to watch the movie again. Despite some very memorable and interesting actors, we enjoyed the show.
On Mother's Day, my mom got to open up some presents, we had breakfast, and then headed off to church. I was sitting next to Aunt Gene in Relief Society and she showed me this pretty cool trick she can do with her veins.
I got this shot of everyone just before I left which was right after church.
I had to get one with The Giant as well.
It was so pretty on the drive home as well. It was overcast which made the colors even better. I was trying to make good time, so I didn't stop, but I snapped a few quick ones just so people could see some of the colors. It was so much better in real life.
Don't pay attention to the bugs on my windshield!
That night, my cousin Ryan and his wife Sarah came to spend the night before their cruise to Mexico. We had a great time last night and this morning. We of course fit in some ping pong and most importantly SKIP-BO. We won't worry about who won!


Hansen Family said...

That vein thing alone makes my mom the coolest mom in the whole wide world!!! Looks like you had fun with everyone!!!

Gene said...

Enjoy the rest of the school year...we were so glad we got to visit you on Mother's Day. We hope you enjoyed the visit with our baby....had a good laugh watching my vein move...and really enjoyed your picture with the giant. You have the best family you bunches.

Wendy Sue said...

It always makes everything better when you're around!!!

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

srbushman said...

It was SO GREAT to see you. Next time, me and you will team up to defeat Ryan. You will need to come visit us now! Thank you for the bed and SUPER YUMMY breakfast. Who knew Abelskievers could taste so good?

Susannah said...

So fun. i sure do miss that family of mine. I'm jealous.