Sunday, May 23, 2010

This week . . .

Here are a few things from my week!
My cousin, Dannen had a birthday party for his big day on Wednesday. His wife had the coolest candle on the cake so I had to video it! It was a great time hanging out with them all!
This was a crazy week at school. We had our awards and picnic on Friday. As is customary, we did a performance before the awards. We did a reader's theater sort of play of Little Red Riding Hood. It turned out really cute. I spent a bunch of time making this background. The kids decorated it with some flowers they made. This was the day before our performance and the only one who really had his costume here was one of our wolves.
Here we have all 3 of our wolves doing their scary wolf faces.
These were our narrators. They did a great job!
These 4 alternately played Little Red Riding Hood. There were 5 scenes and we switched out parts after each one pretty much.
Here's our light manager. He turned off the lights between scenes and watched me to see when they were ready to have the lights come on.
These two are showing their muscles because they were my backstage crew. They had to move a heavy table and did a great job.
These guys came out and showed their signs at the start of each scene. They'd say "action" after they announced what scene it was.
Here's our hunter wielding the axe that killed the big bad wolf.
Entirely unrelated to the play is the fun fact that my blackberries are on! They're big and most of them are even sweet! LOVE IT!


Wendy Sue said...

Your kids are so cute, I wish I could have seen the play. The blackberries look lovely!!

Gene said...

Looked like a good comes summer....wait till you see the blackberries in Washington...yours look good...those are just more accessible. Love you.

Susannah said...

Makes me excited for berry season here!!