Sunday, May 16, 2010

My weekend

Friday night I had planned to go camping with Katherine and Wendy, but the weather wasn't having it!
By the time I got to Katherine's, the sky was prematurely dark and there was thunder and lightning, soon followed by a lot of rain. We decided to stay at Katherine's. Before the rain hit, we went out on a little berry picking excursion.
You can see that Wendy and Katie were very excited about our outing.
We just went to a little empty lot at the corner of Kath's street. It was pretty gnarly and we were more than a little worried about snakes and other critters, but we remained unscathed.
The berries we picked were dewberries. I guess they're a form of wild blackberries.
The ones I found were kind of small and varied in taste. Some were really good and some really puckered up our mouths.
I just wore sandals so Katie lent me some of her boots to wear. Not exactly a fashion statement, but I was protected from the flora and fawna. The best part was coming home and having smoothies that Katherine made with our berry harvest. Delicious!
We then decided to go check out the new Robin Hood movie with Russell Crowe. I'm a big fan. I could go again . . . tomorrow! :)
Jen had her graduation from grad school on Saturday. I went to dinner with her, her family, and a few friends afterward. Congrats!


Wendy Sue said...

I think you should buy your own pair of cowboy boots ... you do live in Texas!!!

Alona said...

Don't get crazy, Mom! :)

Susannah said...

Yeah, Mom...don't get crazy! Looks like a fun weekend. Sorry you didn't get to go camping, but berries and just as good! Congrats to Jen!