Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday and Blessing

OK, the two events I mentioned in my previous post were Susannah's 30th birthday and Evie's baby blessing.
On Saturday, family started arriving which meant I had to share Evie! Here's Uncle Adam meeting her for the first time.
My dad and Adam were trying to keep her entertained.
She is a very loved little baby! A couple hours after my family came in, some of the Warr family came - Vic and Deej and Erica and Whitney.
As soon as the Warr clan arrived, Whitney made a bee line for Evie. This was her first time to see her in real life. Very cute!
Susannah has the super cute nursing cover that I had to make sure and get a picture of while everyone was over.
Everyone stayed entertained a couple of ways. The first was Evie, of course. The second was the Wii. Things started off with some Excite truck racing.
I used the diversion as an opportune time to finish Susannah's birthday cake that I'd started earlier in the day.
Here's a side view of the cake. If you can't tell, I used kiwi for the stems, strawberries for the flowers and mint leaves for the . . . leaves.
Happy it's done! That took me a long time!
Here are the Warr girls chilling out on the couch.
After the truck racing, everyone had a great time on all the balance games on Wii fit.
Cheese! We had Navajo Tacos for dinner and people started to head off to bed.
Sunday we headed to church for sacrament meeting and Evie's baby blessing!
Here's cute little Evie in the blessing dress that Deej made her. Susannah made the headband, and one of her friends gave her the bracelet.
Susannah was so excited. It was really cute.
Here's Adam and Evie just before the blessing.
Proud Mama and Daddy.
We took a whole bunch of pictures after the meeting. Here are some fun Bushmans!
The Warrs.
Happy Grandpa Bushman with Evie.
She was really mesmerized with Adam.
I was very good about sharing her, but I had to take my turn after the blessing.
Love her!
Susannah wanted a family picture when we got back to their place, but Evie wasn't very happy. This is cute of Susannah, but poor Evie was either hungry or tired. Adam is shooshing her.
This one turned out a little better.
Here are my family and me!
We had lunch and then some cake for Susannah. She had a little present opening fun too.
Of course, I was harassed by the two Adams!
Everyone left pretty soon after lunch on Sunday. My dad caught a quick nap before driving back to Seattle.


Susannah said...

What a special day!

Hansen Family said...

Looks like so much fun! Yeah for Evie!! That last picture of your dad looks exactly like my dad when he takes naps! Funny!

Wendy Sue said...

That was a great day!! I'm glad there are so many good pictures in both of your posts, I'm sure you'll see them on my walls at home.