Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Fun

My cousin Jason and his family came into town last week.
I got to hang out with them last Sunday and he was up to his old antics with this popped balloon. It was pretty funny.
Jason's daughter Abby had her 5th birthday and Jen made her a special cake.
This picture uploaded sideways, but you can see that she made a combination Scooby Doo/Elmo cake. Abby was delighted. She was having a hard time deciding between the two, so she got the best of both worlds.
We had dinner at my Aunt Maylene and Uncle Darrell's house. Dannen and his family came too. It was a lot of fun!


de'craft said...

stumble upon your blog. Enjoy reading it though. Baby Evie is cute and lovely. congrats!

Wendy Sue said...

Nice to be close to family!

Susannah said...

I sure do like all these people...and your hair!