Monday, February 7, 2011

Visit to Moscow

There were two big events in Moscow, ID that I just couldn't pass up. I decided since I was going to head out for them (that's covered in the next post), that I may as well spend some time with Susannah helping her with Evie.
I took a whole week off of school to head out to Moscow and it has been well worth it! I left Saturday from Houston. This is little Evie Sunday morning.
She's just barely starting to smile and it's so cute! This is one that Susannah calls the Jack Nicholson face.
She's also way more alert than last time I was here. She'll just stare at you and I LOVE it!
Sunday evening we had a little excitement - a major diaper blowout- apparently the biggest one so far. It ended up being a 3 person job to get her out of those clothes without getting it on her or her changing table.
I held her while Adam started getting the rest of the stuff off. Susannah was the photographer this time around.
Sorry for the weak stomached folks. I hope you weren't eating and reading this at the same time.
We had to give her a bath after that fiasco and we got some of the cutest pictures ever!
She's so pretty!
We love this shot because it shows just how tiny she is!
This is one of our current favorites as well. Evie's sporting the super cute own hat that her Aunt Whitney made her. I was holding Evie and Susannah was snapping pictures and we were lucky enough to get this one! I love that she's going cross eyed to boot! Susannah posted this one on Facebook and it was apparently decided that she looked like a "Sesame Street issued Kamikazi pilot."
Susannah had this super cute sling thing that was very handy when she needed to get stuff done around the apartment.
Ummmmm. CUTE!
I loved being the little helper! I got tons of time with Evie.
Here are the proud parents trying to get a smile out of her!
I can't stand how cute she is!
Susannah and I tried to do a little photo shoot with Evie, but it was a lot harder that I was thinking it would be. She wasn't very cooperative!
Susannah was trying to get her to rest her head on her hands, but she wasn't having it.
She wasn't in love with the whole posing idea.
She did like being on her back better.
We got the beginnings of a smile here.
We tried different headbands and hats, but she wasn't a happy camper.
Cute, though!
Susannah took a little break for some feeding time and she took a little nap.
This one's a little dark, but we decided to go for round 2 while she was asleep, this time with the owl hat.
She must have been having sweet dreams.
This is just a random one I shot one morning while she was still in her PJs.
We didn't go out much with her, but we did go on a walk one day. She wore this little fleece snow suit that Susannah found for her. It has cute little bear ears!
Susannah also got a Baby Bjorn which was really handy for walks.
Evie slept the whole time.
I liked this old building on the walk.
She was out for a couple of hours after we got back. We didn't take her out of her her snow suit because we didn't want to wake her up. She slept with her arms sticking out like that the whole time.
Adam has this trick that she really likes. He puts her in his jacket or fleece and swings her back and forth. It really seems to calm her down.


Susannah said...

I'm so glad you came. What am I going to do without you?

Gene said... glad you posted all these...Evie is is grandpa B when napping. Love you

deej said...

I'm sure everyone up north is really missing Aunt Alona . . . This was a fun post . . such cute pics! Can't believe how she is changing! Hoping Susannah keeps us all updated with upcoming changes . . . and thank goodness for Skype!! It was wonderful to see you . . . and the b/day cake was so-o-o-o- good and so-o-o-o- cute!