Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wedding Weekend

My roommate Kristin got married to my friend Jared on Saturday.
Jen did the wedding cupcakes. They did that instead of a cake. Friday she spent a whole lot of time making like 200 cupcakes. I snapped this shot as she was trying out the tier that the cupcakes were going to go on. That night Katherine and Julie came over too and we had a great time.
I did the pictures on the wedding day at the temple. Right after the sealing, I came out to get my camera and saw these jokers so I had to snap a quick picture. Aaron looks so distinguished with that bouquet!
Two of my very favorite people. I forgot to mention that Julie is Jared's sister.
This is Julie and Jared's older sister Jen and her husband Josh and son Alex.
Here's the happy couple after just coming out of the temple. They're so unique. I loved the tennis shoes.
This was a lot of the group that was there.
The cute Martin kids!
Of course they had to do some silly poses with Jared's friends.
This was one of many of these. I had a hard time choosing.
This is a roommate picture along with one of Kristin's mission companions.
Okay, I posted a lot of pictures - just a small fraction, though, but I'm not going to comment on all of them!
We loved this tree and I'm not sure what it's called, but had to get some pictures in front of it.
I think this is my favorite of all of them.

After the wedding, a bunch of us headed back to the Martin's for some relaxation before the ring ceremony and reception.
Jen also made this porcupine cake and cupcakes for Jared's groom cake. He and Julie love to throw jackets on real porcupines to collect their quills up in AK. These turned out so cute.
The "wedding cake" cupcakes turned out great too!
They had lego cake toppers!
The centerpieces were from Edible Arrangements. Delicious!
I had to try a shot similar to the one that Wendy took at Susannah's wedding with the rings and the bouquet.
The 3 Amigas!
Kristin was wiped out!
Jared's buddies really did a doozy on Kristin's car.
Aaron got the garter . . .
Katherine got the bouquet, that was thrown like a bullet, by the way, that almost took my head off! It was a fun night all around!


Wendy Sue said...

Nice pictures, maybe you should go into business!!

Susannah said...

A lot of those wedding poses look familiar!! I loved this post!