Friday, May 6, 2011

Some School Stuff

I've had several cool school related things lately that I thought I'd share all in one post.
We had a first grade mom donate a bunch of larva. We passed them out and watched the metamorphosis. The kids loved it. We kept the butterflies for a little while and then let them go. It's something we enjoy every year.
During our South America unit, I had the kids do a mini research project on a rainforest animal. They had to present something simple about the animal they studied. One of my students went REALLY above and beyond.
Her mom sent in a BUNCH of fruit and some nuts. She had studied about gorillas.
She even sent in lettuce leaves for the kids to use as plates. I thought it was so cute and so clever. The kids loved it.
I had this little guy show me his "plate."
They came back for seconds and thirds.
It was teacher appreciation week this week. I had a mom send in this whole "cookie" for me. The day before she sent me a whole cake. Holy cow!
Last night I went to AMS for an orchestra concert. One of my old students invited me to it. I saw two other old students in the group. They were really good!
I can't believe how grown up they are! I can't believe how fast time goes by.

I was only going to film a little bit, but I couldn't stop. I loved it! The sound in this video doesn't do them justice. I think it was 95 string players and it sounded really good in real life.
On the far right of the video are 30 something string players from Atascocita HS. It was awesome!

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Wendy Sue said...

It's so nice you have such good parent support!!