Saturday, May 7, 2011

Susannah and Evie

Disclaimer: Anyone who has recently read my sister's blog will find this post very redundant, but I couldn't resist posting about Susannah and Evie's visit to see me!
They flew in on a Friday night and we spent most of Saturday entertaining visitors to see the cute girls. Holt and Candice were the first to come.
Seana also came.
We had sort of a party that night and had a great turn out. We didn't get everyone that came, but this is the tail end of the party.
Sunday Evie looked so cute and was so smiley that I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.
I love that girl!
After church we had a family dinner. There were a lot of us, so we got pretty creative with seating. Dannen and Claudia's girls sat at this little coffee table of Jen's.
We brought the kitchen table in tot he dinning room. It was a full house.
The girls loved Evie. It was really cute to see them. I'm sure it helped that their mom was about to have another little girl. Baby Brooke was born the next day!
Monday morning we went to visit a retired co-worker, Lila. Evie LOVED her. It was so cute.
We love Lila too!
Later that day we went to a photo shoot that one of Susannah's previous student's parents did for her. Evie was not very chipper. She was so tired, but this woman got some FANTASTIC shots of Evie!
So cute.
She was scowling most of the time. It was hilarious.
Blowing bubbles.
Smiling for Mommy!
It took a LONG time to get a decent picture of her on her tummy. She was not a happy camper and kept putting her face down on the blanket.

We tried a walk on Tuesday, but the wind wasn't so fun for little Evie.
She was in a better mood later on as we went to see the Chappells.
They were so sweet and got us dinner. We had a great time visiting with them!
That last night Susannah realized that we didn't really have any pictures of Evie and me so she snapped this one.
They flew out on Wednesday after a visit to school. My students loved it. I can't blame them!


deej said...

She's missing you already . . . hey we can't wait til Lake Powell when we can all have hugs and kisses galore . . . and lots of fun!! Countin' down the days!

Susannah said...

Oh the fun!! We miss you already!

Wendy Sue said...

That picture of you and Evie is really cute of both of you!

Wendy Sue said...

I was just looking at the pictures again and had to laugh. In the ones of Evie in the Bumbo you can see the warning printed on the side... "never use on an elevated surface". I wonder how many people only use it on the floor!