Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Random Post

I just had a couple of random things to share from this week.
First, I had a Dr. appointment on Monday to consult with a gastro-intestinal specialist to talk about this issue I've had the past couple of years with getting food stuck in my esophagus every once and awhile.  We made some plans and I had to get my blood drawn at a different place.  The girl who did it must have been new because I got this HUGE NASTY bruise that still looks just this bad almost a week later.
 Anyway, the plans are to have an endoscopy which sort of freaks me out.  It should be okay, though, and it shouldn't be that big of a deal.  I get it done this coming Friday!
 Saturday I did some yard work and when I was done and had everything cleaned up, it looked like I had redecorated my garage.  Kind of pretty, but I CAN'T WAIT for trash pick up tomorrow morning because . .  
 that trash can will NOT stay upright when I took it out with no wall to brace against and with some breezes.  I've just stood it back up at a different angle/spot with a trash bag to brace it for the 5th or 6th time and have now given up.  Hopefully the trash guys don't throw my trash can away!


Wendy Sue said...

Ouch! That bruise looks nasty!

Susannah said...

Adam has gotten the landscaping much be his new job. We fill our trash up that much every week with yard waste!