Sunday, April 15, 2012

Viking Cooking School

We had another "Chappell Group" party on Friday night.  Brad suggested this idea and it was fantastic.  At Hubbel and Hudson in The Woodlands, they having something called the Viking Cooking School.  You choose the menu and then a couple of chefs prep everything and teach you how to make your own dinner.  It was so fun!
They divided us into 3 groups.  We could each bring a date, but since I'm not dating anyone and didn't want to worry too much about making someone feel comfortable in a room full of people he didn't know, I invited my good friend Katherine who already knows many of the Chappells and I know she loves to cook!  Anyway, Katherine and I were in a group with Jake and Michelle.  They were tons of fun to cook with.
Here's a cute one of Brad and his wife Elizabeth.
Our first course was a chopped salad and some black bean soup - both delicious.  My favorite comment of the night came when we were "plating" our salads.  They had prepped most of the ingredients and had hard boiled eggs already crumbled/chopped, but they were divided so you had yolks and whites in their own bowls.  Brent's wife Elizabeth said something to the effect that she was glad they'd separated it, because if they were mixed it would "really upset her."  She's hilarious!  I had a good laugh for several minutes.  We did make our own vinaigrette for the salad and we made the soup.  It was so good!
Neal and his wife joined us.  They're a lot of fun!
Here's Linda showing her salting skills!
I had to get a group shot of some of the action.
I love this shot of Rob and Jan!
Linda (middle) brought her daughter Savvy and of course Katherine was my guest.  
Here's Brent and his wife Elizabeth.
Sister Chappell (aka Jan when I'm at work stuff) is one of my favorite people!
This was our main course.  Those steaks were HUGE - like a pound each!  I have leftovers for sure!  The asparagus turned out really good too.
Our last course was these little Godiva chocolate cakes that were so good!  Fun times with some great people.  Jake got some whole group shots of us eating that I'm going to have to get and put on here!


Susannah said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I wish I could have been your date! I love those Chappells too!

Wendy Sue said...

That's a fun idea for a party.