Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Fun

Last week was my birthday week.  I forgot to take pictures of everything, but I got a few to share.
The day before my birthday, Katherine picked me up at work in her truck for a little kayaking on Lake Woodlands.  It was so much fun and a BEAUTIFUL day!
We then had dinner at a place my co-workers have been raving about - The Yucatan Taco Stand.  It was really good.  We both got these burrito bowls that were delicious!
On my actual birthday at work, Jake brought kolaches from the Kolache Factory and they were fantastic.  Linda took me to lunch that day and Christina took me to lunch the day after!  Spoiled!
Of course I had my annual birthday cheesecake.  Thanks to Jen this year for making it.  I had a few friends to enjoy it with me Saturday evening.


Wendy Sue said...

I'm glad people treated you well on your birthday, everything looks yummy, I really want one of those Kolaches!

Susannah said...

Sorry I'm so behind in checking blogs. I need to update mine. I'm glad you had a good birthday and I wish I were there to make you the cheesecake!