Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shanna's Reception

Last night my cousin Shanna had her wedding reception here in TX.
She got married in Idaho about a month ago, but they came down here for another celebration.  Jen made this great cake for them.
They had an ice cream bar which was delicious!
Here's the . . . .happy couple.
These are all the "Calls" that were present.
Shanna's dress was really pretty.
They asked me to take a few pictures with my nice camera.  The lighting wasn't that great in there.  I tried to get some shots of some of the "details" as my cousin Wendy calls them.
I loved the details on this side of her dress.
Their centerpieces were fun.
Ryan was very kind and didn't shove cake in Shanna's face like he did at their reception in Idaho.
Maylene was being silly in this one and "sucking in."
Here's Jen about to butcher . . .  I mean serve the cake.
They asked Alaina to put forks on the plates and she just started stabbing them into the cake.  It cracked me up.  Less chance of your fork falling onto the ground in transit, though!
Cute mother and daughter shot!


Susannah said...

Looks fun!

Wendy Sue said...

I'm glad you were there to represent our family!!