Sunday, November 18, 2012

Maryland Trip

Last weekend I took a trip out to Maryland.  My cousin Jason picked me up from the airport and took me back to his house in Hagerstown.  I flew in on a Thursday evening.  I had a great time visiting and watching youtube videos with Jason and his wife Dadra.
The next day, they took me all around.  We went from Maryland to Pennsylvania to West Virginia in the space of a few short minutes.  We stopped at this park along the Potomac River.  
Nolan was a cute little guy and is the one who gave up his room for me.
Here's Landon with Dadra.  Abby, their oldest was at school so I only got to see her that morning.
This trail was awesome and was called a "tow trail" because horses used to tow boats on the river from this trail.
This was a shot of us leaving the trail and walking back over the bridge to the parking area.
Despite Hurricane Sandy, some of the trees still had fall leaves.  This beautiful tree was at City Park in Hagerstown.
I've never seen a squirrel chilling out like this, but it was pretty cool.
It was a very pretty park.  After the park, we went to this cool Amish market where we had lunch and looked around.
We then headed out to a really cool farm/dairy where they make their own ice cream.
I got some chocolate peanut butter ice cream and I was not disappointed!  It was AMAZING!
Landon was quite the little singer.  I had never heard this song, but he did a great job at it!
 I then borrowed the Call's car and headed down to Ft Meade to visit Robert.  It was a really great to see him.  I didn't take any pictures Friday night - we only had one photo shoot on Saturday right at sunset.
 Robert found me a place to stay Friday night so I didn't have to drive back up to Hagerstown.  I stayed with someone in his ward that actually lived on post so it was really nice.
It was refreshingly chilly up there.  Besides getting to spend time with Robert, which was great, it was also fun seeing what life was like on a military post. I went back to the Calls Saturday night then I headed back home Sunday morning.


Kirsten said...

Those pictures are so much fun. I haven't been to the north east really to visit, but these pictures really made me want to. Hope all is well.

Kristal said...

My gosh! You two are so perfect looking together. Seriously, like a mormon version of a brunette Katherine Heigle and Matt Damon. (I'm sure I spelled all those names wrong, so sue me!) So here's a little more of my .2....I kinda think Bob looks like he could be a Westover brother. I see a little Matt and Greg in him.

Back to the vandalism though....WHAT THE HECK!? That makes me mad! Super mad! Jerks! I wanna do my fancy spy work and find the punks!!!

Valerie said...

Fun trip!! Glad you got to see beautiful country AND visit a wonderful guy! =)

Wendy Sue said...

Jason's little boys are cute, It's nice you got to see the Calls. You and Robert look very happy together!

Susannah said... look amazing in these pictures! You and Robert look really good together. I'm super glad you got to go out there and I'm even more glad I get to meet him soon.

AJ said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in these pictures! I can't wait for more updates!