Sunday, November 18, 2012

Secret Admirer

Brent has a pig roast at his house every year.  I was excited to get to go this year.  The pork was really good!  I asked what I could bring and Brent's wife was ready for a dessert!
I headed to Pinterest and found a recipe I had pinned for an oreo cake.
It was a big hit and I don't think this will be last time I make it!
At work a few days later, the office brought in some BBQ from Rudy's.  There was a lot of bread leftover and was just in the kitchen waiting for someone to eat it.  I came in after eating my lunch and saw this sitting at my desk.
When I opened the note, I couldn't stop laughing!  I work with some funny people . . . Jake!!!!

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Susannah said...

That is really funny. I am so glad you took that job. It seems too fun!