Thursday, August 16, 2007

Branson, Missouri

Okay, this is our final trip of the summer! We went with our family to Branson, Missouri. This was our 3rd time to visit and we still love it!

Most of these pictures are at Silver Dollar City in Branson. It is a fabulous amusement park. My dad, Susannah, and I are big fans of roller coasters. This is us just before riding our favorite - WILDFIRE!!!!!!

Dad and I are buckled up and ready to go for our 4th ride in a row on Wildfire.

Susannah is really good at milking cows, apparently.

Dad's a pro.

This a cool scenery shot in Silver Dollar City. Susannah wants a disclaimer that although her nose looks rather large in this picture, it is JUST the angle.

Our family as we were leaving the park. I didn't do so well at hiding my feet. I had to wear tennis shoes instead of my regular flip flops because I'm having foot issues. These shoes have a tendency to look like "moon boots."

UMMMMMM, I really like this picture. Bad angle of me, but who cares anyway? We went to several shows in Branson - Spirit of the Dance, the Incredible Acrobats of China, and finally Island Fire. Island Fire is put on by a bunch of dancers from Samoa who are very talented . . . and good looking. We had to get our picture with this guy!


Kristal Mulder said...

Adopt me!

Vonda said...

If she gets adopted, so do I!

Alona said...

Consider yourselves part of the family!

Kristal Mulder said...

Yeah, right, you remember that on your next vacataion...if yoru sisters Vonda and Kristal aren't bad would you feel?