Friday, August 3, 2007

Road Trip Number 1

Our first road trip of the summer was to Lake Powell. We went with Adam Warr. His parents have a house boat so we were out there for almost a week and then headed to Joseph City to show him around the coolest place in the WORLD!
A beautiful shot of the Lake. This is from the campground we stayed at. We got in too late to get on the boat the first night.

This is just about as we're leaving. L-R is Deidra (Adam's mom), Adam, me, "the Vic" (Adam's dad), Blaire (Whitney's friend), Whitney (Adam's sister), and Susannah.

Here's a picture of Susannah and I at the good ole' Wigwam motel in Holbrook, AZ. The wigwams may look familiar to those of you who watched the movie "Cars."

Here we are at the badlands. We showed Adam Devil's Cave. I was happy we found it after several failed attempts on previous trips home. I'm happy to report that we didn't see any bats in there on this trip!

A cool shot out at the badlands.

A trip to Joseph City isn't complete without a stop to Pioneer Dam (Upper Dam to you old folks). We pulled the old quick sand trick on Adam. We let him get stuck up to his rear end in the mud before pelting him with mud. He couldn't do anything about it . . . until we helped him out. I decided to keep the camera in hand to keep myself from getting as muddy as these two jokers.

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mom said...

I hope you were wearing your "dam" clothes.:)