Thursday, August 30, 2007


It seems like all of our really good Houston friends end up moving! I really made a list once and it was huge! Anyway, Elliott pulled a double, actually triple doozie. He was in Houston and then moved away from us to Dallas. We still hung out some so it wasn't too bad. Then he moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana - closer to us than Dallas is, so I guess that one wasn't too bad either. Now he announces that he's moving back to Utah (consequently - the destination that has absorbed most of our friends)!

We took these pictures last Sunday. This was just a couple of days after he decided to quit his job and move. He bought a brand new H3 that was pretty nice.

We're sporting some turtle shell bracelets Elliott's family got. He gave Susannah and I each one. She forgot to wear her bracelet this day and was off taking care of RS business when these were taken.


Kristal Mulder said...

I LOVE ELLIOT! I'm glad he's moving closer to the promised land. Maybe someday him and his chocolate will move to Az and we can all live happily ever after!

Sweet H3

Alona said...

He quit chocolate! Maybe he'll get another yummy job! :)

Kristal Mulder said...




He really had something going for himself there.