Friday, August 3, 2007

Tubing Terror

This summer we learned about the continuous shot option on my camera. Without it, we wouldn't have these gems. You may have to enlarge or zoom to get the full effect. What we have here is a tube with three seats. Just looking at it, you'd think it would be a nice, relaxing ride . . . that's what I thought until we put a guy named Brandon (Adam's high school buddy) at the driver's seat in his boat.
He started making these sharp turns which would swing us out really far and really fast. We'd then be drug back over the wake and hit the most terrifying part - waves from the boat. In this particular picture, we hit a wave that was a good 3-4 feet high. It launched us into the air. My right hand was ripped off the handle, but my left hand stayed strong. This lead to the next picture.

My body was still trying to go up, but my left hand anchored me down. I ended up face planting in the middle seat of the tube. Pretty funny. I was done tubing after that!


Jill said...

So fun to see all your pictures! Welcome to the blogsphere!

Anonymous said...

Does your Bishop know about this???(jk!) Your Bishop thinks it's FABULOUS!! Thanks for sharing!