Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MLK Holiday

We were so happy to have the day off for Martin Luther King Day. We got a bunch of friends and headed to downtown Houston. We had heard that there were tunnels below much of downtown. Most of us had never been there, so we went to check it out. I actually don't have any pictures of the tunnels! They were mostly filled with restaurants and reminded us of an airport. We headed up to the street and ended up walking around and taking photos. It was a cold and overcast day, but we still had fun.
Here are 3 of the 4 roommates after emerging from the tunnels.
Here's the group minus Jen who is taking the picture. L-R we have Nichole, Abraham, Lesley, Adam, Nate, Susannah, me, Megan, Kim, and Patrice.
I love this picture. On some of the taller buildings, you couldn't see the tops of them because of the fog.
I got a picture with the boys - we tried to get it so we could see the top of the building. It was too steep.
The Houston Public Library had amazing architecture. We took a few pictures in front of it.
Here we are in front of one of the windows of the library.
Across from the library was a great park with some awesome live oak trees.
This pool was also at the park.
We came to another park area and got creative with the pictures. The video at the bottom is at this park.
We still had time left so we decided to head to the zoo. It was actually free on MLK day! Yahoo! We headed to the gift shop and had some fun. Here's Susannah the stylish zoo keeper.
Adam and I tried on some animal masks.
Nichole, Susannah, Abraham, Adam, and Kim gave the tunnel in the rain forest exhibit a try.Lesley, Jen, Megan, and I had to have our turn.
Our final group picture at the entrance/exit as we were leaving. Fun day!

Here's the side view and below is a view from the front!

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