Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yat eh!

I took advantage of my Christmas break from school and headed down do AZ the first week in January.
I had a blast hanging out with the Mulders and their friend Derek.

One of my favorite things about being around Kristal is when she prank calls people. She's a master. She has two specialties: Chinese and Navajo - neither of which she speaks. She's mastered the accents of them, though and sure makes it sound good. Here she is calling "Mexican" with her Navajo impression. I believe the call initially had something to do with fry bread. The video started in the middle of the call.

1 comment:

Kristal said...

Yes, I'm so glad you got me at my ugliest on that video...but alas that top picture looks ravishing! (look at my head, then Jasons...ha!) Come back out! WE miss wholana and whosana