Thursday, February 14, 2008

Adam's quilt

Adam has been wanting a t-shirt quilt. As he was scheduled to leave on last Monday, we thought we'd rush to get it done before he left. He chose his shirts, bought the materials, and he and Susannah got to work measuring and cutting.
We stayed up super late one night and, with the help of Kim Larmouth, got the thing tied. There was something weird about the needles or the fabric because it was super hard to tie. We had to use pliers and this jar lid opener thing to grab the needles and pull them through. What was really funny is us three girls sat around the quilt and Adam laid underneath it. He'll pull the needles down and send them back up for us. It was a pretty good system.
Here's Adam after we finished tying. It was like 2:45 in the morning. It took a long time to get it tied!
Susannah did pretty much the whole rest of the work. She actually did most of the work anyway. She sewed the strips together and edged the thing all on her own. She even sewed one side of the edging entirely by hand!
Adam's enjoying his finished quilt here. It turns out that he's not going to Korea after all. We're glad to have him stay!


=) Carly said...

wow , you guys are so nice. I want one now. =) I have NO idea how to quilt, just old lady crochet. LOL

mom said...

The quilt looks great. Weird that it was so hard to quilt.

Raysha said...

Crafty, crafty! I can't believe that you have the quilting frame to quilt that. It'll probably be years before I'm at that point! I love to sew stuff though. Good job!

Alona said...

I wish we were cool enough to have our own frames. Sadly we stole, er, borrowed them from the nearest LDS church. I'm in the market, though!