Sunday, February 24, 2008

Large Talons

The other day Susannah, Jen, Anonymous, and I were in the car and Anonymous somehow got me in a headlock and began to give me a thorough nougie (sp?).
I could not escape and began flailing my arms a bit. Somehow, my fingernail ended up stabbing right in to Anonymous's chin. Ouch!
He said my new nickname is "Panthress." Although it's not really my fault, per se, I still felt a little bad so I tried to make amends.
You'd feel better if you got this card, wouldn't you? I had Susannah make sure to get my nicely cut, filed, and shaped short nails in the photo.


Raysha said...

Too funny. When Jodi was living in Germany, Suzi would send her fingernails to her (don't know why.) So, Jodi sent Suzi her baby's umbilical cord! YUCK!!!

=) Carly said...

The nail Fairy. ROFL!!! HA HA!!!!

Kristal said...

ha! That's sweet! I did the exact same thing to Jase. It was our first year of marriage, and he used to wrestle me to the ground and tap very hardly on my upper chestal and one day I caught him off gaurd and got him in the position and started slamming his chestal with my fingers and stabbed his chin taking some skin with me. ha! Dumb boys! GIrls rule!

Alona said...

I like these stories! I'm going to have to think of more blogs that inspire great comments like these! :) Go Raysha and Kristal!