Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quilting Bee

Last Saturday morning, we attended the annual Interfaith Quilting Bee. It's held every year at the Klein Stake Center to benefit NAM. Quilts are given to those in need.
They had a lot of quilts up for display. This is a quilt that I LOVE. It is actually always on display in the Relief Society room in the LDS church building on the corner of Louetta and TC Jester. The quilt had to have taken hundreds (or thousands) of hours to complete!
Here's a group of us holding up a quilt that we just finished tying. Aubrey and and few others put several quilts together for us to tie! Next year maybe I'll brave the unknown and make a quilt of my own to donate!
Aubrey and Nichole had to tie this one on the ground because all of the quilt stands were being used.
Susannah was in charge of displaying all the quilts in the chapel. She just hung them over the pews.
Here's a shot of part of the chapel. All of the pews were covered by the end. Over 300 quilts were completed for NAM this year. It's a fantastic event!

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Raysha said...

Wow! That's amazing. It must feel so good to look at all the quilts and know that you were able to make 300 people's lives a little warmer!