Sunday, February 24, 2008


Every once and a while, we like to get pedicures.
They usually last us a long time. This is an old picture taken in AZ this last summer - July, I believe. We got pedicures while visiting the Mulders in the Valley.
Today, Sunday, February 24th, Susannah finally removed the final flower details from her toenails. It had grown almost completely off and had become unrecognizable as a lovely flower. She's having trouble recognizing her own toes now.


=) Carly said...

I feel seriously jealous looking at those pictures. I need, ok I WANT a pedicure SO badly. No need with my toes hidden in my shoes.

Kristal said...

wow, that's a long time! I'm already ready to remove mine from a few weeks ago!

valerie said...

That means it's time to go back and get another pedicure! Pure pampering in the winter-time! (IS it winter in Texas?)