Monday, April 21, 2008


As I was getting ready for church yesterday, I heard a terrible scream. I thought someone had broken into the house and was assaulting a roommate.
When I ran out of my room, this is what I saw! Susannah was wearing heels and had lost her footing. She fell forward and down a couple of stairs, landed on her knees and fell to the side and forward, causing her to land like this (picture above). We couldn't stop laughing!
I've got her getting up in stages in these next two. She didn't really feel hurt at all, so it's okay that we were laughing . . . right! :)
Here she is, a little shaken up and with a bit of a sore back, but okay!


Carlykins said...

I shouldn't laugh but really they way you portrayed this made me laugh SO hard. You should have gotten out the white chalk and traced her. My natural reaction is to laugh at things like this which doesn't work for Aly since she is so sensitive. She thinks I am making fun of her. I love that you grabbed the camera. You guys are so funny. I love it.

Dad said...

That's the cutest fall I've seen.

mom said...

Love your dress.

crack'n up ourselves said...

Thanks for the biggest laugh I've had all week. Susannah, you are sooo cute.

Your cousin,

Valerie said...

You fall so gracefully, Susannah! =)
Hey, did you know your Dad made the papers in Salt Lake? He is so famous now. I forgot he was a bishop! I've been wondering how in-the-middle-of-things your parents have been with the FLDS things going on there right now.

Alona said...

This is Susannah. I'm glad I could brighten everyone's day! To be honest, it made my day!