Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weddings of late

We've had a few weddings/receptions we've been to within the last couple of weeks. They were COMPLETELY different from one another.
One commonality was this lovely couple - the Chappells; our bishop and his wife. We love them!
Here we are at Norma's wedding. We were her visiting teachers. This wedding was performed in her backyard by Bishop Chappell. It was perfect weather; so perfect that their neigbors were having a huge party with ultra loud music. We could barely hear the ceremony. L-R Abraham, me, Norma, Susannah, and Karla.
This is Norma and her new husband whose name I don't remember. We thought it was Emilio, which we wrote on the card, but when we got there we were in for rude awakening! :)
We wanted a cool picture of the lights around the yard so I snapped this one of Susannah. It's fantastic, I think!
Abraham snapped one of me. . . sorry, no lights!
The second one was a reception at the Chappell's house. Joe and Brittany were actually married about a month ago in Utah, but came for a reception here this weekend. It was so good to see them. We were really excited to see Brittany's influence already. Joe was wearing a black suit instead of his usual grey one! Yahoo!
We had to take a quick picture with all of us! I like those guys!

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Matt & Andrea said...

Wow. I read all of your recent posts and you guys sound like you're having way too much fun!

I had to comment on this picture because I recognized some of the clothes. I have the same ones that Jennifer and Alona are wearing!! =) Great minds think alike, eh?