Sunday, April 13, 2008


Last weekend our ward had one of the best activities I've ever been to. We rented out a gymnastics and cheer place. It was pretty big and there was tons to do!
After stretching out with a gymnastics coach, they let us loose. One of our first items of business was to try and to watch others jump into the pit of foam from the REALLY long trampoline. We had the best seats in the house and took a lot of video as you can see below. You're actually going to be subjected to A LOT of video in this post, but you should enjoy it! In the picture above, we have Susannah, our new friend Amanda, Jen, and me.

Here are Adam's cool moves into the pit. The foam was kind of gross and little pieces of it would get stuck all over you. It was also a little difficult getting out of the pit.

Here's Ethan's high flying jump.

Amanda actually is a real gymnast . . . you can probably tell. She hasn't done it in years, but still impressed us. I actually have several more of these "runway" videos, but I'm just posting the highlights.

In one of the other rooms, they had two giant trampolines that were hand woven and way more bouncy than regular trampolines. I didn't get any video of those, but this was another cool trampoline thing that was in that same room. Adam is demonstrating here. I was never brave enough to do any flips.
One of the other foam pits was under this bar.

Here's a video of Susannah's little trick off the bar.
We also used this pit for a kind of balance/chicken game, trying to knock the other person off into the foam. This pit also turned into a wrestling match as we kept trying to shove each other into it. I was in there more than I'd like to say (none due to any tricks I did).

Megan's a pro! She did gymnastics for many years. Here's one of her floor routines. We loved this bouncy floor! Speaking of bouncy floors . . . I saved the best for last. The following video has provided many laughs over the past few days.

I'm told that Jen completed this very trick successfully before this video was taken. We're not sure exactly what happened; all I know is that this cylindrical mat thing-a-ma-jig pretty much steamrolled Jen's head. The best part is that the springy floor made her bounce at the end. Loads of fun!


Mom and Dad said...

We've watched this several times and we think maybe if we practice we could do it as well as Jen.

okbushmans said...

First of all, what a FUN ward activity! Secondly, I laughed so hard at the last video! Her instructor should be fired! Good form though!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I could give you all a good laugh, that really was my whole point in all of this.However there were some side affects to the steam roll, so please don't try this at home.