Friday, April 25, 2008


Our ward Relief Society was invited to another ward's Enrichment Meeting. They had a fabulous speaker there (Mary Lee Roberts M.S.) who quoted a 14th century Persian poet named Hafiz. He wrote a lot of poems about God. Mary shared one with us called "Without Brushing My Hair" that I really liked. I've posted it below for you!
(I got this picture off the Internet. I think it's an illustration on a cover of one of the compilations of his poems.)

Without Brushing My Hair

The closer I get to you, Beloved, the more I can see it is just you and I, all alone in this world. I hear a knock at my door. Who else could it be? So, I rush without brushing my hair. For so many nights I have begged for your return and what is the use of vanity at this late hour, at this divine season that has now come to my folded knees. If your love letters are true, dear God, I will surrender myself to who you keep saying I am.


Stacie said...

Oh wow - that is really good!

I am sad I missed Enrichment, I had class.


mom said...

Cool poem. Happy Birthday!!