Sunday, June 22, 2008


The other day Susannah and I went biking on trails off of Stuebner Airline and Cypresswood with Adam.
We went all the way to the area right across the street from the temple. I had to use the timer and set it up on a bike seat so that's why this is crooked.
I tried my hand at a reflection shot of the temple.
I also liked this close up one of the steeple. The sky was so pretty with lots of clouds and darker blue since it was overcast.
It was so overcast that it started raining - HARD. We had to seek shelter under the covered parking area of a feed and seed store. You can see water pouring out of the rain gutter behind Susannah.
This shot is facing Stuebner. We got soaked.

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okbushmans said...

I don't even own a bike. And Brenna's bike has a flat tire!